Ever since Sci Fi comics or movies have sketched the possibility of traveling in time, the views of this phenomenon are contradictory; we often encounter the view that it is possible. For example, if we are against the direction of rotation of the earth, we will travel to the past, but quantum physics will do it looks a little more complicated. I want to see the world by the fact and as we know we know there is a series of evidence why it is not supposedly possible,

Grandfather Paradox

It is a time paradox that can not travel in time. For the first time, Sci Fi writer René Berjavel described it in his book Le Voyageur Imprudent in 1943. Paradox is: Let’s see that the traveler traveled back in time and killed his biological old father before he met an old mama traveler. As a result, one of the traveler’s parents and, of course, the traveler would never be thrilled. This would mean that the traveler could not travel back in time, which would lead to the old father being still alive, and by the time the traveler could be traveled, allowing him to travel in time and then kill his old father. Each of these options proves its type of logical paradox.

Quantum Time Dilatation

Dilatation of time or slowing down of time is already well-established knowledge of the speculative Theory of Relativity, which is that the time flows relatively slower in the system, which moves at a certain constant speed with respect to the observer in the room. If the time interval Δt between two events is measured by clock in a coordinate system firmly connected to the observer (own time), the time interval Δt between the same events measured by the clock in the inertial system, kt. with respect to the observer moving at a uniform velocity v (coordinate time), will be determined by the expression

where c is the speed of light. The time interval between two events is therefore the smallest in the coordinate system with which the events are in the state of peace. According to the theory of relativity, time dilatation is a property of the same time, therefore, with only increasing clocks, but also all physical processes, the clock slows down. This means that if two astronauts set the clock at 12: 00: 00s, one will fly to the low orbit of the Earth, an example at the ISS (International Space Station) and the other will remain on the ground, So the Kozmonaut who lived 7 months at ISS Ostaro by 0, 06s less is wandering%. But due to the fact that it is already a measurable difference, time lapsing has been proven, It can be influenced by the velocity of one body v1 or the gravity of a given body that is directly proportional to the body velocity. This follows from Einstein’s Theory of Relativity because the body that Letiet will speed light will need the endless amount of energy to drive the universe is almost like my Octavia.

With this, it seems to us that time differences are insignificant, but there is a question when they begin to be pronounced?

I also know the answer to this question. Chart, Significant changes are when we approach the speed of 70% C2, thus speeding above 209,000km / s, the fastest man-made object, the Voyager 2, which was at a speed of 17.1km / s before ending the service so we are not even close to reaching those speeds.

Now these Crazy Aspects of Quantum Physics

Not only does the time shorten but also Distance? Crazy, but let’s take an example if we travel 90% of the speed of light, I’ll give 90%, because in this part of the article we are not going to break the debate about the maximum speed attainable in the universe, defined by physicist Albert Einstein at 299,792,458km / 1 079 252 848.8 km / h) as the maximum speed available in the universe, which is, of course, stupidity :)). so if we travel 90% of the speed of light to a star of 12 light-years away, logically it should take us 13.2 light years? it would only take us 5.23 light years, thanks to the time fighters of 43.58%.

This is the so-called Lorentz Contraction where the body is shaken at an increasing speed with the view of the observer.

Ok, but this is not Time Travel or is it? no May not in the term we are used to, but in terms of space time it is time travel and space.

If you return to the ground from your trip at 90% of the speed of light, you will be 5 years old, not everyone on the planet for 13 years, so you have spent 8 years in the past.

Screw it i want to ride a dinosaur!

is it possible to travel back to the past? But there is a very very very toe plane when certain rules of speed and gravity are achieved, there are objects of the so-called CTC or Closed timelike curve that is a crack in the time space to which if you fall you will return that back to the past which has already happened in this kind of CTC you might “travel back in time” but for now this is not a sollution nobody knows. This theory has been questioned by a number of scientists and is considered to be an unrealistic reason for possible causes, but it returns us back to Paradox of the old father


this type of hole in the timepiece predicted that Albert Einstein is a crack in a space grid whose cause is unclear, it can shorten travel in time by imagining that goal A and goal B on a flat trajectory in the universe both on paper and paper and we will make the distance between the target and the target b faster than we would have fallen from Europe to Australia instead of flying around the country very simplistically if we would theoretically fly 90% of the speed of light we would set a year for 2018 and also Dušan Formel would have stood and had set the year 2018 we would have gone 5 light years so our watch will be 2023 and at Dušanovich 2031 so if we could jump during the flight back to the ground Technically taken we would jump into the past that has already happened.

Boyd Bushman

94 years old senior scientist for Lockheed Martin, where I would like to work for a company that develops the best army technology and fighter jets. For example, a well-known spy fighter Lockheed SR71 Blackbird, invisible aircraft B2 or major combat fighter F22 Raptor is not a Painting Left.a man who just died before he said he said f**k it and in 94 years he had cracked all the secret files and documents of this firm including photographs and evidence. This was the Co-operation of Aliens with Humans and Technology Replacement that originated from the planet of the Quinton of the 67 Luminous Years. Of course, I would not mention it here if it was not credible and the lord did not have several patents on these technologies that could bring me to the idea of ​​an alien UFO blah blah but that does not interest me attracted a part when asked supposedly aliens for how many come to earth Quintunie so responded 45 minutes answered weird because if you would travel by the speed of light so would you be here in 67 years not? but that’s more

How they did it?

A. Traveling at an overwhelming speed using Generation of Self-gravity from the weight of their vessel, they support My Theory of Gravitational Travel (travelling faster than light)

B. They travel through the wormhole and thus skip the distance

C. They travel 99.999% The light speed where the phenomenon is coming The time and space of the time, but we are tangled again because with such energy would distort the timekeeper and it is for a long time. again

I do not care about the aliens until some of them dock in the garden so amazing but I believe that the US Government has the technology that can do such a science let’s not forget that in 1969 we landed on the Moon that’s almost 50 years behind and science is taking action every year. half a century ago, now owning UFO is about as unrealistic in 2018 as the Landing of the Moon in 1969 …

Next But Daniel did you write that the speed of light is the stupidity you allowed yourself to disagree with Alberto Einstein?

I will explain with Albert the genius in most things, but he wrote the theory of relativity around 1910 when no one was in the universe, and no one even had the concept of what it looks like or works on. so today I came 100 years later with modern knowledge and I say Fools facts over who think that

Daniel’s Theory of Gravitational Travel is not such stupid

If the Maximum Speed ​​of Light Speed ​​in Space would be, the universe would have an area of ​​13.7 billion light years, but the Known Universe, therefore, only one capable of capturing has 92 billion light-years, and in fact, much larger, some sources, including Albert Einstein, claim that infinite

Information are traveling faster than light is called the Epr experiment and it was carried out on the movement of 2 electrons where one electron was vibrated and another simultaneously moved with it without a measurable delay, that is, an overwhelming speed, this example I explained comfortably to my friend that if you have 3 cups under one hidden pussy and play the game several times (you guess where it is) and pick up 2 glasses and below them there will not be just one you know right away that your brain is there to find out automatically. I’ve got it checked in practice if I was with a coffee junk and my dad came to us, I knew I was in my bunt immediately, my brain did not need time.

If we have a vessel where we can achieve a relativistic velocity (close to the speed of light) as I have described in my Quantum Vacuum Drive patent, the accelerated body has a constant direct relation to the V2 velocity of the Gravitational Strength because its weight is increasing but the constantly increasing gravitational force can overcome the gravity of black holes and sink from the surrounding universe to overcome the speed of light and create its own forces to bend the timekeeper if its mass would grow to infinite numbers could even destroy the whole universe because it would sweep the boundary of the universe and create a black hole with its enormous weight that could be up to 50 billion times the weight of the sun. because gravity gravity and gravity influence the speed of the vehicle, which is complicated.

So take what you just want to know today , I tried to describe it briefly and clearly no complicated things answer the question if travel is possible in the future is yes, it’s just how you look at it if you want a machine that will carry you to the year 1950 and then back to you i will dissapoint you , but I think it’s glamorousbut if you look at it from the perspective of the timekeeper so yes.

My name is Israel Ojo Adeboye. I am a scientist writer and I also prove to you what is real and what is not real.